Where Should You Buy a Rug?

In the not-so-distant past, buying a new rug for your home involved going to your local flooring specialty or department store. And chances are, these may not have been among the best options if variety was your top priority.

Thankfully the choices we have today are practically endless. That said, more options also bring more questions about where to buy a rug. Whether online or in-store, specialty or big box, each type of rug seller has its pros and cons. We’ll go over some of these below.

Specialty Rug Stores

Though most are locally owned and operated, some are national or regional chains. These stores are more likely to have the largest in-store rug selection.

Pros: Specialty rug stores are typically staffed with sales teams that have in-depth product knowledge. They’ll be able to help you identify the best rug to suit your needs, and answer specific questions about the product.

Cons: Due to the level of personalized service, specialty stores are usually more expensive than big box or online stores. This may not always be the case, though, so it’s a good idea to check them out anyway if they’re nearby.

Department Stores

Several of the major department stores found in your local malls include a home store.

Pros: Department stores are a convenient option for the ease of access and product assortment. Chances are that if you already frequent these stores, you can easily bundle home shopping with your normal purchases.

Cons: Although the home sections inside department stores can be fairly large, the actual assortment of rugs in store are pretty limited.

Big Box Stores

Whether it’s a home improvement chain or discount retailer, big box stores tend to have the most affordable rugs available.

Pros: Big box stores often carry the widest assortment of easy-care rugs, which are usually made from polypropylene and other man-made fibers. While their in-store stock may be limited, you can often find more options online.

Cons: Since big box stores carry a wide assortment of products outside of just rugs, it’s unlikely that you’ll find staff to answer specific product questions.

Online Retailers

Buying a rug online offers the widest range of options. You can shop at an online-only rug store, a general home goods retailer, or the internet equivalent of a big box store.

Pros: These retailers offer the largest selection overall, since products are shipped directly from warehouses all over the world. This gives you the best chance of finding the exact rug you’re looking for.

Cons: You can’t feel or closely examine what you want before you buy. This makes shopping online for rugs a little risky unless you choose a reputable retailer. Some online stores may have also high shipping costs or difficult return policies that make it harder to send back items you don’t like.

Where is a good place to buy rugs?

Now that we’ve gone over all the major choices, you may be wondering which one is the best. The answer boils down to how you like to shop.

Choose a specialty store if you prefer personalized service or if you need face-to-face guidance.

Go with a department store for the convenience, especially if you’re already at the mall.

Big box stores are a great option if you’re looking for cheaper rugs that look great without breaking the bank.

And if you want something specific that you can’t find or order in-store, online retailers are for you.

No matter what you choose, Nourison Home has options to fit your preferred shopping style. We have a variety of rugs available either exclusively in-store, online at many of your favorite retailers, or both.

The Nourison Home website includes a convenient tool that lets you know where to buy our rugs. Just click the Dealer Locator button on any product page for a list of retailers.