Inspiring DIY: A Truly Unique Use for an Outdoor Rug

Using an outdoor rug as DIY outdoor upholstery

During the quarantine, designer and all-around creative guru, Assaf Ziv came up with a fun, functional and inspiring DIY to update out his outdoor oasis.

Assaf had some outdoor mattress cushion inserts from a previous outdoor furniture set and was looking for a cool way to repurpose them. He started to brainstorm to come up with some viable outdoor appropriate materials and happened upon Nourison’s Cozumel indoor/outdoor rug. 

In addition to liking the versatile graphic pattern and color, because Cozumel is an indoor/outdoor flexible rug, it was a perfect way to update his outdoor furniture with material that is comfortable and can handle the elements…a truly unique use for an outdoor rug!

Inspiring DIY: How did he do it?

To start, Assaf took the measurements of the cushion material to calculate what size rug would be needed to cover all sides.

He then used a thick twine and an upholstery needle to place and add form to the couch using a basic stitch.

While I was staying at home, I worked on making my space extraordinary even though many places were closed and we had limited resources. It was a great time to use our creativity to dream about and execute amazing concepts.

Assaf Ziv

We think Assaf hit the mark! Inspiring it is!!

Inspiring DIY: Assaf Ziv in his Extraordinary Outdoor Oasis
Inspiring DIY: Assaf Ziv relaxing in his extraordinary outdoor oasis