8 Mood Boosting Flatweave Rugs for Your Living Room

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023

The power of color and its ability to affect your mood is no secret. It’s why there have been tons of studies over the years on color psychology. Hues like yellow, for example, are connected to a higher awareness and vitality, while pink is evocative of tenderness. When used with intention at home, colors can also have a way of influencing the mood of your space.

Though adding color at home often comes in the form of painted walls, cabinets, and ceilings, those of us in apartments often don’t have this luxury. Instead, decorative elements like rugs are less permanent options that still give those mood boosting properties essential to creating your personal haven.

And while textured rugs are all the rage, flatweaves are a stylish and functional alternative – especially for small space decorating. Since there is no surface pile to worry about, they’re much easier to roll out and move around.

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Flatweave rugs are also a breeze to clean. In most cases, a good shake or vacuum is enough to keep dirt at bay. When vacuuming, just take care not to use a brush attachment or suction setting that’s too powerful.

Thanks to the lightweight construction and easy care, flatweave rugs are perfect for the central gathering spot of your home: the living room. You can use one on its own or layered on top of one (or several!) rugs.

We followed the tenets of color psychology to choose 8 living room flatweave rugs that speak to the soul:

Vintage-style Persian flatweave rug

1. Vintage Home VNH01 Red & Blue Rug

This vintage-style Persian rug, presented in deep red and blue, is a bold centerpiece for the front of your couch. This powerful duo represents strength and confidence.

Bonus: This rug includes a non-slip back for added safety on hard floors.

Jute flatweave rug in a living room

2. Natural Jute NJT01 Rug

The brown color family brings a grounded feel to your home. This jute rug not only naturally incorporates these hues, but also lends itself to a variety of décor styles including farmhouse, biophilic, and layered looks.

3. Baja BAJ03 Grey/Orange Rug

Orange, the color of creativity and joy, is the main component of this Southwestern-style flatweave rug. If you really want to channel your creative spirit, layer with other patterned flatweaves or pick a runner to use as a tapestry.

4. Washable Modern Jute MDJ01 Natural/Ivory Rug

This washable checkered diamond rug adds a nostalgic vibe while incorporating soft white, a symbol of cleanliness and new beginnings.

5. Interweave IWV01 Light Blue Rug

Light blue, representative of calm, grounds your living room in laid-back style. Place this rug under your coffee table and let the serene energy wash over you.

6. Positano POS01 Yellow Rug

Yellow, the color of happiness, adds an instant dose of vibrance to your home. This flatweave outdoor rug has a versatile construction that’s also perfect for the living room.

7. Grand Washables GRW03 Blush Rug

Light pink embodies gentleness and a nurturing spirit. Add this vintage-style washable rug to your living room to channel these loving vibes.

Bonus: This flatweave rug has a non-slip back as well.

8. Washable Solutions WSL01 Blue/Green Rug

Connection to the self meets a sense of clarity with this turquoise blue and green rug. The raised lattice pattern adds a subtle layer of depth to your décor.

Bonus: This rug is not only suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but is also washable with a non-slip back.