The Benefits of Machine-Made Rugs

Let’s face it – when it comes to buying a new rug, there are tons of options out there. One question that comes up frequently is whether to spring for handmade, or to stick with the ever popular machine-made rug. While handmade rugs (especially hand-knotted) are a great investment, they may not be ideal for limited budgets or high-traffic areas of the home. This is where machine-made rugs shine. They not only offer some of the best value but are also remarkably stylish.

Machine-made rugs, also referred to as power-loomed rugs, recreate the look and feel of their handmade counterparts. They can be made into anything from flatweaves to plush shags. Nourison Home takes this to the next level by hand-finishing or carving many of our machine-made rugs.

Many of our rugs are also finished with high-low, dimensional textures. Featured: GLZ07 Ivory/Multicolor.

How are machine-made rugs made?

As the name suggests, an electronic tool drives the entire manufacturing process for machine-made rugs. Once a design has been loaded onto a computer, automated looms create the rug foundation and pattern.

While the speed at which these rugs are produced has contributed to their popularity, it’s important to consider what they’re made of as this affects rug care and lifespan. Manufacturers commonly use synthetic yarns like polyester to make machine-made rugs. However, some are made with wool, cotton, and other natural fibers as well.

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Choosing the best machine-made rug for your home

Although manufacturers typically craft machine-made rugs the same way, factors such as the material type and pile height will influence what’s best for you. Pile height refers to how thick a finished rug’s surface yarns are. Shag rugs, for example, usually have the highest pile. They’re great for sinking your toes into, but may be a little high maintenance for those with active lifestyles. This makes them better for less frequented rooms.

Most machine-made rugs have a low or flat pile, which is ideal for high-traffic areas like the living room or entryway. You can also place smaller rugs and runners in the kitchen, since they’re perfect for catching spills while warming up the space.

The Vintage Home VNH01 runner not only adds character, but more safety thanks to a non-skid back.

While we mentioned before that most machine-made rugs are crafted with synthetic fibers, not all fibers perform the same way. Rugs made of polypropylene, for example, perform well in high-traffic areas while those made of viscose do not. At Nourison Home, our huge selection of polypropylene rugs are not only easy to clean but are stunning to look at.

As you embark on your search, keep these characteristics in mind to help you narrow down your perfect rug!