How Green Rugs Help You Create the Most Relaxing Spaces

Some say that green is the “new neutral” in home decor because you can take it in almost any direction depending on the accents you pair with it. And according to color psychology, green is the color of growth & renewal. No wonder it has such staying power!

As important as green is to creating harmony at home, we realize that the idea of decorating with it can seem intimidating. That’s why we’re here to offer an easy entry point: rugs.

Like paint, green area rugs come in lots of different shades. One major advantage a rug has that paint doesn’t, though, is that you can also choose tons of patterns. It’s that intersection of color and design that can really help you create the most balanced rooms.

Here are just a few ways that you can decorate your home with green rugs:

Bring nature in

One of the easiest ways to get started is by taking a biophilic approach. Since green is mainly associated with plants, choose a floral rug that extends a garden-like feel to your floor. This works especially well if you have a few houseplants, since it gives the entire space a light and airy vibe.

This dark green rug from the Aloha collection is an example of how the look comes together in a living room. Pair it with other natural elements like a wicker chair, an unfinished wood coffee or side table, and a jute lamp to create a grounded look.

Create a tropical escape

Enjoy the idea of bringing nature indoors but want to make a statement? Try a green botanical rug with a tropical theme. Like the plants that inspire them, these rugs often feature sprawling patterns that have an uplifting effect. This Garden Oasis outdoor rug is brimming with lush greens that add an instant wow factor to a living room.

Invite a sense of flow

We mentioned before that green rugs can (arguably) be considered a neutral. Adding a soft green abstract rug to a minimalist room can help you feel more connected to nature without the need for busy patterns. This rug from Care Free Collection is an example of how green creates a versatile backdrop for your other furniture. Whether paired with sleek seating or natural accents, this green rug acts as an anchor that promotes relaxation.

In summary

As you work toward making cozier spaces, remember that green rugs offer an effective way to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to build on these recommendations by playing with different shades and patterns to strike that perfect sense of balance. Your relaxing retreat is just a rug away!