When Runway Fashion Meets your Favorite Rug

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

If your personal style influences what you wear, why not your area rugs, too?

The influence and inspiration of what we see on the runway eventually makes its way into our wardrobe and our home, whether it’s pattern play, a mix of colors, metallics, or textures.

When thinking of interior design style, it’s easily an extension of your own personal style. I thought about this when I first wore a grey Kendall & Kylie sweatshirt to the office and one of my colleagues noted that I was wearing a design from the Divine Collection.

I couldn’t believe how closely it matched until I was standing right in front of the rug! So it was no surprise that the Divine rug is one of my favorite styles. With the same look as my sweatshirt with smoky greys and textural details, the rug can also be styled for the home as an elegant neutral.

For soft pastels, I’ve been really into blush tones and seafoam. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals or darker tones, but it’s nice to change things up and wear something bold or bright, as we’ve been seeing on the runway this week. Our Prismatic Collection has designs with both softer and bold palettes, so it was easy to find rug designs from this collection to match my outfits.

As easy as it is to draw inspiration from the runway, when styling outfits, I can also pull inspiration from color palettes in our rug designs. I also love incorporating textures like leather, fur, and velvet into my wardrobe, so you would also find those textures in my home.

So next time you decide to change up furniture in your home or decide to design a whole new room, think about what your favorite colors are or what your must-have decor pieces are.

Kim Weling
Kim Weling

Kim manages social media and public relations at Nourison, with a background in the fashion and beauty industries. She has been blogging for more than 10 years, regularly featuring sample sales, events, and product launches in New York City. You can read more of her work at